On 26th March 2013 at Police Headquarters in Penrith, CROPT received an Award from The High Sheriff, in recognition of great and valuable service to the community.   The Award, received on behalf of CROPT by Rachel Holliday and team member, Paul, also recognises the appreciation of the residents and people of Cumbria for activity and contribution in enhancing the life of the community.

The Award relates to a Homeless Football Team based in Workington.   CROPT ‘adopted’ the team from CASS who were no longer able to provide the resources to continue.    Rachel Holliday from CASS continues to co-ordinate and support the team.   Rachel said, “This is an excellent example of multi-agency working to benefit service users.”

CROPT would be interested to hear from anyone who would be interested in volunteering to support the team, which meet on Thursdays between 1.00pm and 2.00pm in Workington.  Please contact us for more information.